We have Kevin Trudeau’s 14 CD’s called Your Wish Is Your Command. We are listening everyday and it is working!

Kevin has asked us to coach you and to help you with this consciousness training. Hopefully you also are listening to the CDs over and over…

We want to impress upon you the fact that the Global Information Network (GIN) is a first class consciousness growth club.  Not only do they have a world class private club, but you save thousands of dollars to study with the multi billion dollar instructors. Also they put their events on in places that get you used to being a winner i.e., Bahamas, Atlantis Hotel, as well as local 1st class hotels.

All of these world class workshops are entirely free with a GIN membership. If a person had to buy them individually they would costs up to $5000 each one. They also are available free online at members website.

In the Bahamas, we had 3 days of these workshops, a chance to mingle with people like us and the trainers.  On Saturday evening there was a formal gourmet banquet, music, dance at no extra charge. Our photo is below.

GIN Family Reunion was held at the Atlantis Resort


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