Who are Some of the Free Masons?

According to history: George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and Henry Ford. All of these rich, successful,  and influential men were Freemasons (or Masons) — they joined and worked their way up to the highest positions as privileged members of the world’s oldest and largest fraternity.  They controlled business and even society.

The Free Masons boasts 5 million members worldwide, the Freemasons are an enigmatic society.

The Free Masons help each other make money and control the food, fuel and other necessities of commerce. Freemasons say they are nothing more than a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who meet regularly for spiritual and intellectual enlightenment.

If you control the food and transportation via key placed individuals and owners of corporations you could in theory control the world. Conspiracy theorists see them as a secretive underground movement bent on world domination.

They help each other succeed by using the Law of Attraction and their success is multiplied because they work together for the benefit of the individual members. It truly is a secret society.

You, too can join a secret society that is much better and quicker to the top than the Free Masons. I’m talking about the Global Information Network where 30 members of various secret clubs have started this organization where you will immediately start learning the secrets. We invite you to join with us and become wealthy and healthy. Our member number is 1512125 and you will need to enter it into the affiliate/member application n the website.

About tvance

I'm an energy healer, Laser Reiki Master, teacher, writer, coach, and I have written many books. I teach the Law of Attraction and "You can achieve your dreams!!
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